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Orange Ruffy

Originator: Bruce Black
Tyer: Warren Prior

Description: This is a variation on a crazy charlie which I have found hugely useful in estuaries and in the surf.

Step 1 of tying a Orange Ruffy 

Step 1:

Start your fly by tying in some orange tread and winding it down to the point of the hook.

Step 2 of tying a Orange Ruffy 

Step 2:

Tie in a very spare amount of your chosen orange material. Bucktail is common but in this instance I used a synthetic tail material. Tie a few strands of flash on top of the tail to add a little life to the fly.

Step 3 of tying a Orange Ruffy 

Step 3:

The next step is to tie in some orange chenille which will eventually form the body of the fly. Hold this out of the way using the vice's hackle springs.

Step 4 of tying a Orange Ruffy 

Step 4:

Wind your cotton up the hook to roughly a third of the way down from the eye. Tie in a set of dumbbell eyes and secure them with a drop of super glue to give the fly some longevity. Leave the cotton on the eye side of the eyes.

Step 5 of tying a Orange Ruffy 

Step 5:

Next wind the body material up the hook (making several passes if need be) to form a bulky body. Wrap the chenille over the dumbbell eyes thus covering them in hot, deadly orange. Tie off the body material in front of the eyes and trim off any excess.

Step 6 of tying a Orange Ruffy 

Step 6:

Since this fly will be swimming upside down, flip it over in the vise. Tie in another sparse amount of your orange wing material as well as another few strands of flash. Finally build up a nice cone shaped head using the orange cotton. Tie it off and you're ready to fish!


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