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Originator: Warren Prior
Tyer: Warren Prior

Description: A combination of a few squid patterns I looked at. The hackle gives it a great action in the water. Does well for springer and kingies.

Step 1 of tying a Squid 

Step 1:

Tie in a length of white buck tail between the point and bend of the hook. Tie a few strands of flash on top of the buck tail.

Step 2 of tying a Squid 

Step 2:

Secure two rubber legs on either side of the body. They should be roughly the same length as the buck tail.

Step 3 of tying a Squid 

Step 3:

Next tie in a single rooster saddle on either side of the fly. These can be slightly longer than the buck tail.

Step 4 of tying a Squid 

Step 4:

Tie a generous clump of marabou on top of the hook. Some can also be added below if desired. This should be roughly half the length of the buck tail and gives the fly a fantastic motion in the water.

Step 5 of tying a Squid 

Step 5:

After the marabou tie in a length of chenille. Hold it out of the way using one of the hackle springs on your vice.

Step 6 of tying a Squid 

Step 6:

Next tie in a set of dumbbell eyes (either plastic or weighted) two thirds of the way down the hook. It's a good idea to add a few drops of super glue at this point to stop the eyes from twisting around the shank of the hook. After tying in the eyes wind the cotton up to the eye of the hook.

Step 7 of tying a Squid 

Step 7:

Take the chenille out of the hackle spring and wind it up the hook towards the eye. Try and taper the body so that it narrows nearer to the eye.

Step 8 of tying a Squid 

Step 8:

Tie in a single white hackle feather. Remember to leave a little space in front of the hackle to tie off the fly.

Step 9 of tying a Squid 

Step 9:

Finally form the hackle and tie off the fly. Add a little glue to help this fly last the many fish that'll be bashing it in the salt.

Step 10 of tying a Squid 

Step 10:

This is an alternative tying of the same fly. Instead of cactus chenille I used normal chenille. I also replace the dumbbell eyes with stick on eyes making it more neutrally buoyant. The fly was then coated with UV /knot Sense to harden the body and give the fly a little weight.


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