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Classy Glassy

Originator: Warren Prior
Tyer: Warren Prior

Description: This fly was tied to target game fish in the Durban harbour. It immitates the glassies which seek shelter next to structure in estuaries. Fished on an intermediate line with a slow retrieve, this fly can be deadly.

Step 1 of tying a Classy Glassy 

Step 1:

Using a red cotton wind it tightly down the shaft of the hook for roughly half a centimeter. This will form the base of the body. All materials added from now on will be tied onto this section.

Step 2 of tying a Classy Glassy 

Step 2:

Next add a generous amount of pearl flash. Tie it onto the back half of the red head and secure with more red cotton. At this point remember you are trying to build up a cone shaped head, so by tying it to the back you are thickening the head here, and keeping it narrow at the front. Comb out the flash.

Step 3 of tying a Classy Glassy 

Step 3:

Add about 6 strands of blah. This creates a lateral line on the glassy as well as adding to the shimmering effect in the water which makes the fly successful at night. Again secure at the back of the body with red cotton, thus maintaining the cone shaped head.

Step 4 of tying a Classy Glassy 

Step 4:

Add 4-6 strands of silver blah to the top of the fly, securing it with more red cotton. Don't bad afraid to use a lot of cotton as you are trying to build up the head of the fly at this point.

Step 5 of tying a Classy Glassy 

Step 5:

Continue building the head with red cotton until it is large enough to stick on eyes. The red cotton is successful since it mimics the gills of a small glassy. One the head has been built up, tie off the cotton, add the eyes and glue the head with a generous amount of head cement.

Step 6 of tying a Classy Glassy 

Step 6:

Lastly trim your fly to size. I cut it to roughly 5cm. Remember to cut the flash slightly shorter that the blah and blah. This gives the body a good shape in the water. Now go catch some fish!!


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