A Quick Casino Outing

At one stage Casino beach was probably my most fished venue, being en route to work and close to home. However for some reason this seems to have come to an end and I’ve barely fished this stretch over the last couple of years. It’s never produced large fish, but I’ve picked up a variety of species here from wavies to African pompano, and shad to thornfish. Even the odd garrick has been known to come out. And since it’s sometimes just about getting out there Neill and I decided to have a quick pre-work flick in the waves.

Fishing was tough as it was spring highs and the water was dirty from recent rains. Despite this we put in an hour or two and were rewarded with a few small wave garrick between us. As I said, it’s sometimes just about being out their and perhaps our biggest reward on this particular morning was the beautiful sunrise we arrived to.

Sunrise at Casino beach, Durban
Sunrise at Casino beach, Durban

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