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The R10 Bar…aka Carlo’s Bar

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Back in 2005 Nick and I made our first visit to Ponto do Oura, Mozambique. Amidst all the fishing we took to my trusty Pajero and explored the surrounding areas for both new fishing spots as well as any adventure that lay around the corner. Now you must remember that in 2005 the Pontos were completely different to what they are today. There was far less tourism, very few holiday resorts, and far fewer bars. So when we stumbled across a small reed bar in the middle of nowhere we thought we’d hit gold. And we had!

Our first beer was a 2M dumpy which cost us R10. We then threw back a Laurentina dumpy which also cost R10. Realising that we were bound to have a few more we inquired about the price of a quart. They too were R10, as was the local rum and a coke. We therefore dubbed this gold mine, the R10 bar.

Seven years later Nick is back in Mozambique and just stopped off at what he thinks is the R10 bar. It’s now called Carlo’s Bar, and the drinks are no longer R10, but it looks like he found our old ‘local’. Good job Nick!

The R10 Bar (aka Carlo's Bar)
The R10 Bar (aka Carlo’s Bar)


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