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Releasing a largemouth bass
Releasing a largemouth bass

With Inanda Dam so close to our humble homes it’s amazing that we don’t pay it more frequent visits. It could be that we take it for granted. But it could also be due to the ever present fear of crocodiles. That said I don’t know of any recent reports so I like to put that thought into the back of my mind.

On Sunday morning Nick and myself headed down to Inanda Dam for a  6am start. Many of you may remember our previous fail when we arrived at 5am only to discover that the gates only opened at 6. Well this time we arrived at 6am only to find out that the gates had been open since 5. Can they please make up their minds?!

None the less we quickly kitted up and were soon joined by Gavin. The three of us then paddled out and began targeting the structure around the edge of the dam for those pesky little bass.

As is the norm for bass I started by fishing the surface . On my second cast I missed a small fish. A few cast later I missed another. Since they looked to be small I downsized to a small popper and immediately got into a few small bass.

Nick was also fishing the surface but he was missing a lot of fish due to the size of his flipper. I guess he was after the big boys. Ever the optimist.

Gavin on the other hand opted to fish sub surface and also picked up a few small bass, although the surface option certainly seemed to be a lot more productive.

On a whole the day was great fun. I landed 24 small bass and sadly lost 1 big boy. Nick and Gavin got 3 or 4 fish each, and Nick’s brother managed a couple from the bank on conventional bass tackle.

We may not have hooked into anything big, but we had an awesome morning none the less.

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