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As we all know things very often don’t go according to plan when fishing, and this weekend was no exception.

A friend of ours from Finland, Simon, was out in South Africa visiting family and doing a little fly fishing in the process. And since he was fishing the harbour on both Saturday and Sunday morning we planned to meet him down there to nail some fish in the bay.

On Saturday morning it was just me who braved the drizzle, got into the car, and drove down to a very wet harbour. Simon had decided to give it a miss but there were a few other fly fishermen targeting the banks. I pulled on my booties, waded out to great them, and after a quick chat learned that nobody had caught any fish. The rain was still pushing and the wind had also picked up.

I began working my way up and down the banks trying everything from a squid pattern to a small charlie. Sadly nothing bit and I was left fishless after an hour and a half of hard work in the rain. It’s always sad leaving the banks without so much as a gurney but hey, these things happen.

The following morning I headed back down to the harbour, this time with Nick and Hayden. Graham was already on the banks and had apparently lost a small springer. Things were looking up.

Feeling a little more optimistic that the previous day we all started working the banks hard. Sadly Nick and I were left empty handed after close to three hours in the water. Hayden however landed his first salt water fish, a bartail flathead. Although far from ideal for Nick and I it’s always great when someone lands their first fish. Go Hayden!

A tough weekend in the harbour with little success…but we’ll be back to dominate!

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