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Kings And Queens At Vidal

On arrival on Friday evening we were disappointed to see that the zone between shore break right out to backline was brown with water from southern river mouths. Did not even attempt to fish.

Miraculously, the following morning was much better. Whilst the water was murky, it had cleaned up considerably, helped by the north easterly wind change.

I focussed my fishing in one area, namely where the diagonal rock outcrop meets the beach. the landward, protected side of this rock formation forms a funnel during high tide that kingfish and other gamefish use to concentrate baitfish. The sight of schools of small baitfish being smashed near to ones feet was a little distracting. Anyway, I was not too successful in connecting with anything of note. It was interesting that I did catch a small immature needlescale queenfish……a new species for me. I returned this spiky character quickly and soon afterwards picked up the bigeye kingfish which was small but very spirited in it’s fight. Caught many hand-sized three spot pompano and quite a big black tail which I failed to photograph. All caught on clousers ranging from white to chartreuse…sizes 2 to 2/0.

Got to fish the next morning but for some reason the fish were not feeding.

– By Matt Erasmus

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