Durban Showing Off

Neill fishing the Durban beachfront

On Friday morning Neill and I took to the Durban beachfront for a pre-work fish. Despite being winter the water was warm and conditions looked promising for a few wavies. Consistent offshore winds in the preceding days had flattened the swell, other than a rather large shore-break which did hinder fishing slightly. Durban itself put on a great show with a beautiful orange sunrise illuminating the glass-like surface on the ocean.

We fished for between an hour and an hour and a half, with not so much as a bump from the smallest wave garrick. This was irrelevant though, as it was great to just be out there with the sand between our toes before a tough day’s graft.

Fishing was followed by a mandatory cup of coffee at the Bike & Bean where we watched a handful of body boarders fighting over a long wave, and listened to a group of runners discussing the strategy for Sunday’s Comrades Marathon.

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