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Sadly it was another blank fishing day for me, this time in the harbour.

The initial plan was to head down early and fish the pulling tide (yes, a pushing tide is generally better but this would’ve meant fishing closer to midday). Sadly however my plan took a turn for the worse when I turned on the TV and got stuck watching SA bowl out England for 171 in the World Cup.

When the last wicket had fallen I grabbed my rod and headed for the car. It was nearing 10am and was far later than I had hoped.

The weather at the harbour was hot and sunny with a strong north easterly blowing. This meant I did most of my fishing from behind the big concrete block which was offering a good amount of protection. The tide was basically at low and I could walk all the way to the drop off. Sadly this meant that Gurney bashing was not an option were I to not find any small kingies.

I fished for around an hour alongside another fly fisherman and eventually decided that there were no fish (and that the cricket required further attention). Had I known what the final result was going to be I may just have hung around and maybe even caught a fish. Oh well, maybe next time.

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